About Us

The Reelesea Team Welcomes you to the Cayman Islands!
Fishing Charter Trips Cayman Islands
Lil' Dwighty jr. learning from the master.
  We are a family owned and operated business which pride ourselves in the fact that we have been charting these waters for decades.

Our father captain Asley Ebanks is one of the founders of the watersports business in the Cayman Islands, he started his company since 1954.
We grew up in the business of water sports, fishing from a very early age with numerous tournament wins under our belts and holder of the current blue marlin record of 610lbs.

We have guided many anglers to their first catch, so whether you are an avid angler or a novice, our knowledgeable, friendly crew have the patience and experience to guide you to that first fish or that record catch.
Fishing Charters in Grand Cayman   Sweet Mama Carolee, nothing else she enjoys better than going out fishing using a hand line  with her children and grandchildren.  She is one of the pillars of this family business. She attends the radio and helps at the office.
smiley bobby   This is Smiley Bobby Rose at work,  from the hometown of the famous reggae music Bob Marley, Jamaica.  He is very pleasant, charming, down to earth person. Excellent Captain/Mate.
cliff   Cousin Cliffy (left) with Capt. Diwhgt.  Cliffy is a proud Caymanian, had worked in the fishing business for decades. Very quiet, he may not have much to say but he will do his best to put you on fish.
glenston   Cousin Glenston, holding the stingrays at the Stingray City with our family.  He is an experienced boat Mate, he does a fantastic job running  the boat deck business.
dwight with dolphin
Capt. Dwight Ebanks, passing on the legacy to his next generation.
  Capt. Dwight Ebanks, born and raised in the Cayman Islands. He is a very pleasant, patient person with a vast knowledge of the sport fishing business winning his first fishing tournament when he was 17 years old. His son, Dwighty jr. enjoys very much going out fishing with his daddy.

mommy yeny
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  This is Mommy Yeny on a deep sea trip with the family.  She runs the office but sometimes she would pick you up , meet you a the dock, answer your phone call... she is the multitask lady of ReelEsea, and when it is time to go out fishing she is ready to jump in.
kevin   This is Kevin Ebanks, our nephew. Very pleasant person. As a Captain,  he will make sure you are having a good time on board of Reelesea.